Private Equity

Our boutique merchant bank model creates opportunities for Centerboard to provide funding in partnership with exceptional management teams and companies. Our capital, operating expertise and industry relationships position these direct investments to accelerate growth or reposition a business through alignment with management’s goals and economic success of the venture. Centerboard takes a long-term perspective with each investment, while applying a near-term focus on execution, capital deployment and liquidity.


Centerboard brings strategic, operating and transaction expertise along with its capital to each Partnership. Centerboard also brings an extensive network of industry, financial and institutional relationships to support further growth through alliances, joint ventures and ongoing capital investments.

Partners and investors benefit from our vast industry relationships and wide-ranging operational expertise to enhance efficiency and margins, manage working capital, identify new channels for growth and optimize strategic positioning for the company. This collaborative approach is supportive to the management team focused on day-to-day operations.

Type of Investments

Centerboard reviews many investment and partnership opportunities, but seriously pursues a small subset of these, resulting in only one or two investments each year. We seek out businesses with solid market fundamentals where Centerboard has domain expertise and ability to contribute to value creation. We are further attracted to businesses that are seeking to define or redefine their strategy, or undergoing significant corporate transition.

Portfolio Companies

Centerboard Group partnered with Ptarmigan Energy to assist with oil and gas exploration and development of 1.2 million acres of off-shore licenses along the west coast of Newfoundland. In 2013, Centerboard and Ptarmigan entered into a farm-in arrangement with Black Spruce Exploration Corp. to fund 3-D seismic activity and drill an offshore discovery well.


Centerboard Group formed Roughneck Lodging in 2012 to own and operate temporary workforce lodging to support oil and gas, mining and infrastructure projects in remote locations. In 2013, Roughneck Lodging partnered with AllianceBernstein’s Real Estate Group to support an accelerated growth strategy.


In 2010, Centerboard Group formed Accelerated Oil Technologies, a joint venture between Centerboard and KKR to pursue enhanced oil recovery investments in mature long lived oil producing properties in North America. Accelerated Oil owns and operates producing oil fields in Saskatchewan and the midcontinent region of the United States.